The Manicured War

In secret, the Tuatha and the Court of Shadows fight for the parks of London, areas of mysical power sacred to them.

So, as of 1871, who controls what, eh?

Royal Parks

Green Park – Tuatha, recently captured from Shadow (before campaign start)
St James's Park – Tuatha, not open to the public yet
Greenwich Park – Shadow, recently captured from the Tuatha (before campaign start)
Hyde Park – Tuatha
Kensington Gardens – Shadow
Regent's Park – Shadow, though the London Zoo is a faerie "battleground"
Bushy Park – Tuatha
Richmond Park – Tuatha

Other Green Spaces of Note

Crystal Palace Park (Penge Place) – Shadow, recently captured from Tuatha (during campaign)
Victoria Park – Shadow stronghold in the East End of London
Alexandra Park – Shadow
Battersea Park – Tuatha, still used by them for duelling
Hampstead Heath – Tuatha
Putney Heath (including Putney Lower Common) – Shadow, still used by them for duelling
Wimbledon Common – Tuatha
Epping Forest – Tuatha, not open to public yet

Gaslight London

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