Servants and Others

so many needed for, and vying for, respectability


Mostly mortal. Mostly.

Charlotte’s Servants
Mrs. Mary-Abbot Fisher, housekeeper
Dawson, butler (technically his first name is Jack)
Ian Chapman, carriage driver

Anders, Lawson’s servant
Anne, emergency paid companion (for when Siobahn is unavailable)
Archimedes, white fluffy cat
Arthur James, aka Baron Amethyst
Baron Joshua Hamilton, mundane suitor to Emma
Baron T_____, a clueless mortal friend of Baron Strong
Baronet Colin Worthington of House K
Billy Limecake, weird mortal representative of House K
Elizabeth Burlington, aka Duchess Chalcedony of the Deep Unconscious
Countess Veronica, throws a fashionable themed ball every Season in London
Doctor Brown of Burlington Green
Frederick, Earl of Sandwich, former cursed werewolf
Geoffrey, Baron Strong’s coachman
Jane Willaby, Oracle
Jeeves, Sir Roderick’s butler
Joan Smithee, friend to Emma and Zadie
Joseph, Leopold’s human thug
King Vestri of the Deep Dwarfs
Lady R______, the woman Roderick is primarily having an affair with the last time anyone checked
Lilith Anderson, demonic tailor
Louis, Wodington’s butler
Mary Paddington, sister-in-law to Sargent PAddington
Percy, middle class criminal and sex slave to Chastity
Madame Simone, fashionable clothier and Frenchwoman
Pinkie, a brownie who lent his workshop to Charlotte
Sarah Strong, the Baron’s (mortal, clueless) younger sister
Sargent Paddington, who helped investigate the murder near C’s townhouse
Sir Chesterson, Baron G’s protege
Sister Julia, fallen nun
Steward Anders of G Castle

Alice, maidservant (Burlington Green, maybe?)
Alexi, blonde, tall (?)
Sir __________, longish blonde hair, intense eyes, handsome, medium dtall, nicely built (possibly dead? maybe same as Sir Chesterson?)
Phil, the leader of a gang of thugs who once worked for Ives
Chauncy, a thug who worked for Phil
“Mister Black,” an acquaintance of Richard Wodington
Jones, a doctor
Lady Cinnamon, a Tuatha faerie who made herself look like Siobahn
Granny Bea, wise woman
Frater Aeon of House K, wrote a letter to Baron Strong that revealed House K’s plot, later controlled his mind, died when Charlotte burned his house down in a rage
John Worthington, aware
Herveline de Gaulle, Court of Shadows faerie who specializes in curses
Lady Siobahn, a Tuatha faerie with a confusing name who does not resemble Siobahn in the leastf
Marion, hermit?

Henrietta Heapy, Cassius’s servant and childe, 40s, round
Dr. Wolfgang Von Daikin, resident Department N mad scientist
Julius, vampire butler to Philip Nathans
Wednesday the Worrier, Supernatural Bounty Hunter
Mal, Demon Hunting Demon
Gavin Montegue, information broker, Veteran
Screwtape, secretary demon
Quasit the Imp
Gerald Finebaum, Lady E the 2nd’s Thug
Lady Labrys, Femme Fatale Vampire for Hire
Sir Lawrence Lake, Black Swan
Baroness Sibyl Scott
Baron Steven Scott
Ivy Smith, House K vampire, flirt, works for “Q”

Siobahn’s Grudge List
CM = Count LeMount
Br = Brand
Bl = Blake

Countess Corinne Orney – CM
Dame Tressie Fable – Bl
Dame Katheryn Lynch – Br
Essie Oshawa – Br
Rilla Marty – CM
Baroness Clora Mulvahil – CM
Daisy Ahern – Br
Mazie Carson – CM
Baroness Theresa Neal – CM
Theodora Jack – Br- Organized Crime, House K

The Three Brigadiers, Retired Officers of Her Majesty’s Army
Sir Denis Hare
Very refined, respectable, yet sees young women at night
Seems to have been compromised by House K

Sir Emanuel Weddall
Hellraiser, likes older married women

Baronet Mathew Rule
Big hunter, very nice estate, wild parties

Minor Gentry Near Burlington Green
Alastair MacGregor of Hew End
—Wife: Ottilie
—Children: Hamish, Siobahn

Alfred Hancock of the Vynes
—Wife: Arrie
—Children: Evie & Fleeta
Old family friends. Emma played with Evie when she was a girl. Fleeta is on her third season, but has a promising beau in Stanford Davies of Hampton Park.

Allen Young of Harrow Park
—Wife: Babette
—Children: Hesta, Paige, & Viva
Viva is a childhood friend of Charlotte’s returned home after her husband died at sea.

Edward O’Malley of Gorter House
—Wife: Eryl
—Children: Cedrick. Chadwick, & Lars
Chadwick had a crush on Charlotte for many years that mostly amounted to hair pulling, while Charlotte had eyes for Cedrick as a young teen and had to be convinced that he was below her station.

Frederick Wilder of Purley Circle
—Wife: Kitty
—Children: Lane & Odessa
The WIlders are relatively new to the area, and Lane and Odessa are still both young.

George Ormsy of Denton Abbey (Rev James Chute is the minister for the actual Abbey)
George’s father died recently, leaving the thirty-five year old in possession of his lands and fortune. He’s considered a catch in local circles, although he wouldn’t be as well regarded in London circles because he has no title to go with his wealth.

John Rawson of Tytton End and Brockley House
a widower in his 40s

Ralph Neville of Willingore Green

Richard Fletcher of Myross Wood
—Wife: Chastity
—Child: Basil
Charlotte has known Chastity since childhood and Chastity has always bored her to tears with her deeply conventional attitudes, her excessive piety, and her lack of intellectual curiosity.

Roland Yonge of Tubberdally Hall
—Wife: Chanie

Weston North of Netwon Court
—Wife: Cherish

Rev. William Lane of Spectre Hill
Reverend Lane is a robust man in his 40’s. His wife, Mary, died in childbirth three years ago, and rumor has it he’s looking for a new spouse. He’s moderately well off and reasonably well connected, and most likely will marry a daughter of the minor gentry.


Servants and Others

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